Serving you when you need us the most: if you have suffered a burst pipe or water damage in your home or office, call Great PA Cleanup. We answer our phones. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day. We work alongside you when it comes to insurance. We will not let you down.

Contact us at any time for a professional water damage assessment. We handle ongoing flood damage or water restoration issues as well as emergency situations.

Who we are:

Great PA Cleanup is a professional water damage restoration firm. Originally based within Pittsburgh PA, word has gotten out about how effective, efficient and caring we are when homeowners and business owners need us most. Whether it is flood cleanup, mold extraction or remediation, odor remediation or more serious cases of water damage Great PA Cleanup can help.

What we do:

We work to solve mold remediation problems in your home or office as well as more pressing emergency water damage issues. As certified IICRC water damage restoration experts, we are both skilled in our profession and experienced to get the job done right – first time.

We appreciate that when disaster befalls your house or workplace it is much more than just news on local television: it is your home or source of income. Where you live and work. Where your family spends most of their time.

We also appreciate that frank and honest appraisal of the work needed to get you fixed up is important. These values of honesty, compassion and getting the job done underlie everything that we do.

Ten reasons why you should choose Great PA Cleanup:

  1. We are industry leading experts in water containment and water damage restoration.
  2. We respond fast in a knowledgeable, caring and honest fashion.
  3. We have great expertise in mold remediation and odor extraction.
  4. We help you get your home or workplace fixed up and running as fast as possible.
  5. We are proud how the way in which we serve all our clients and with the quality of our work.
  6. We use cutting edge equipment and to bring you the best water restoration solutions.
  7. Our staff are both trained in house and externally, as well as being accredited by industry leading bodies.
  8. We’ve been doing this a long time, and know what works.
  9. We get the job done.
  10. We can help you with the insurance process.

Get in touch:

Since starting in Pittsburgh PA, from humble beginnings we have slowly grown over the years as word spread regarding the work we do. We now operate from several bases within Pennsylvania and nationwide, bringing comfort and effective water damage solutions to local offices, factories and homes throughout the US.

Get in touch today for a water damage assessment – we are fast, efficient and friendly. We can get your property fixed up.